Dogster Reviews "Ivy Cole and the Moon"

 |  Jun 12th 2006  |   0 Contributions

Thanks to Judy Lore for sending in this review of Gina Farago's Ivy Cole and the Moon.

Ivy Cole and the Moon cover

Judy Lore wrote:
I read about this book on the Dogster Blog, bought it and thought why am I buying and reading a book about werewolves except to add to my collection of dog and wolf books. I'm not into that type of thing. But I was pleasantly surprised and finished it last night as the FULL MOON shone in my window - it was eerie and so "right." I definitely enjoyed the writing style and appreciated her positive comments about wolves that she incorporated into the storyline. I've worked some with wolves and they are so misunderstood.

The ending was, well, as it had to be, but I'm looking forward to the next installment with Ivy and her "wolf, Auf.

Thanks Judy!


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