Dogster Lucy Sets Up MichaelVickKillsDogs Web Site to Bring Attention to Vick Case

 |  Jul 22nd 2007  |   2 Contributions


Go get 'em Lucy! Dogster Lucy is on the scent of accused and indicted dog fighter Michael Vick. She has set up a site, an information portal, to keep the focus on this case and let the rest of us know what we can do to join the battle to protect dogs.

Lucy's site casts an intense light on Vick and dogfighting. MichaelVickKillsDogs brings it all together in one site. A great source for links and, if you're like a lot of us and wear your thoughts on your chest, you can find some "biting" T shirts you can order through CafePress. Want to know who to call or write? Want to find see the video of Senator Robert Byrd's (one of my new heroes I might mention) impassioned speech against dog fighting? Check out MichaelVickKillsDogs!


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