Dogster Lucia Starts Adopt 06 Stroll

 |  Jul 8th 2006  |   2 Contributions


Dogster Lucia wants to encourage other Dogsters to celebrate adoption so she is holding a stroll and contest!

As an adopted dogster, I thought it'd be nice to have a contest stroll for dogs that were adopted or dogs that support adoption (who doesn't?). Tag a photo of your choice Adopt 06. Your photos can be edited or plain, any picture is welcome!!

Only one photo per dogster please except:
For adopted doggies, if you have a before photo (when you needed rescuing or when you were first rescued) and an after photo ( in your forever home) you are allowed to enter one of each. Just make sure your caption reads " BEFORE or AFTER"

The prizes are:
1st place- 5 rosettes & 5,000 bones
2nd place- 3 rosette & 2,000 bones
3rd place- 1 rosette & 1,000 bones
And if any other Dogsters want to offer up prizes, let me know!!!

The contest begins NOW and ends July 13th.
Get to taggin'!!

Thanks Lucia for hosting the stroll! Gorgeous, generous and fun-loving -- what a canine combo!


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