Dogster Jinky Reveals All in New Book

 |  Oct 18th 2006  |   6 Contributions


Another talented Dogster takes the limelight. I haven't read this book by Dogster Jinky but it looks like fun!

Dogster Chloe's mom, Gale wrote in to let everybody know about Jinky! Thanks Gale

Gale Perkins wrote:
Hi Joy,

I wanted to let you know about Jinky. Jinky wrote a book, "The Diary of Jinky: Dog of a Hollywood Wife," which was released last Friday. This is the first time we have known a dog who has written a book. It's a diary by the
dog and what he sees happening in Hollywood. Here's what Jinky's says:

This is about me, the dog, not about my mom or Sex and the City! My mom's career is a small part of her life. She is WAY more interested in getting the word out about adoption, which is why she (and I) wrote the book. There is tons of Hollywood gossip in it to satisfy the dog loving enquiring minds but more importantly, a chunk will be going to rescue orgs and there is much written about the problem of MILLIONS of dogs dying in the shelter system. The book is a big thank you to all of you kind people who help make the world more humane with awareness of this tragedy.

Love to all of you!

More about the book on


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