Dogster Improves Site -- Easier to Use and More Fun!!!

 |  Feb 7th 2007  |   2 Contributions

Have you noticed your Dogster home page has a new look to it? That's because those on-top-of-it Dogsters at HQ have been very busy making sure your Dogster is the best it can be!

Here's a few words from the techie dogs at HQ about what has been improved:

We Really Hope You Love Our Major Improvement to Our Navigation Features!

Hi everyone. We just launched a set of much-desired improvements to our top buttons and left navigation links. We hope its not too surprising, and once you familiarize yourself with it, youll wonder why we didnt do it sooner.

At the top of all pages there are now more buttons to go deeper into the site. Weve also removed the tab on top of pet pages, so all buttons always appear. Weve also made the buttons smarter. For example, if youre logged in you wont see Register.

The really big change, however, is the left navigation links. Click a title once to see all the sub-links, click it again to close it. (and the are so cool when they open and close ;) As you surf around the menus will stay open where you left them.

There are now a lot more options to click directly to. Check out the direct links under My Account, Messages, Community, Videos & Diaries.

Follow this link to read the rest.


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