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Dogster Groups Now Live

Ruff, Ruff and Happy New Year! 2006 is going to be a big, dog lovin'-good time - hey, it is the year of the dog...

Dogster HQ  |  Jan 4th 2006

Ruff, Ruff and Happy New Year!

2006 is going to be a big, dog lovin’-good time – hey, it is the year of the dog ya know – and just to show how much we love all ya good doggies out there in Dogsterland, we now have Dogster Groups (beta version)!

What is a group you ask?

A group is a way of organizing members of Dogster and Catster around a particular shared interest. The group could be focused on a particular breed (Dogster Pugs, Catster Manx Lovers), a particular cause (Dogsters Against Breed Specific Legislation, Catsters for Feline Leukemia Prevention), a local group (Mission Dolores Dogs, Manhattan Cat Association), or even just a silly group (Dogster Super Friends, Catster Super Felines). It’s totally up to you! Once you have created the group you can invite others to join or leave membership open and let them join on their own. You can send messages to the group, share photos, post events, share links and do it all from your own group homepage.

To get started go to the Group Homepage.

It is a little bit complicated at first so we highly recommend a reading of the Group FAQs.

As this is a new feature built from the ground up just for our community, you may still see a few cyberfleas. Be sure to let us know if you find anything great, strange or awful and we will be sure to check it out.


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