Dogster Francis Rocks and the Bipedess Bark in about Dogster Seva

Dogsters are some of the most caring people anywhere and when one of our Dogsters are suffering, I can guarantee you that there are other...

Joy  |  Sep 30th 2006


Dogsters are some of the most caring people anywhere and when one of our Dogsters are suffering, I can guarantee you that there are other Dogsters feeling their pain. Such is the case of Seva. Seva is an older Dogster who is experiencing some serious heatlh problems. In true Dogster fashion another Dogster is concerned and barked in. Thanks to Francis Rocks and the bipedess for letting us all know about Seva.

My heart and thoughts go out to Seva and her family.

Francis Rocks and the bipedess wrote:
Dear Joy:
I’d love it if you could share the link to Seva’s page. Our multiple awardwinning beauty.

She is in the hospital right now being treated according to her diary entry today.

She has been a pillar of the Dogster Community since she joined, and involved in fun and frolic as well.

Please share this news with her Dogster friends- and some that will become her friends. Her inner and outer beauty shines as an example to all of us.

Willie started a thread for her on plus.

Please everywoof keep her in your heart and prayers.

Stroll for SEVA started by Bowie. Tag your photo Seva.

Thanks Joy! We just need more pawsitive thoughts and prayers here for our special girl.

This is from Seva’s Diary:

daily observations by Seva

If ever I needed you…
September 29th 2006 9:03 am
I am writing today on behalf of Seva who is currently being hospitalized for internal bleeding. She has been increasingly ill for the past ten days and is now struggling to pull through. I haven’t been able to write because everytime I log onto Dogster I am reminded of Seva’s vitality which I see slipping away, and within seconds I am reduced to crippling tears. If ever Seva needed your collective energy, it is now. I will keep you posted.

I have been trying to come to terms with Seva’s mortality over the past year as she has struggled with so many illnesses. I chose to list her on Dogster a year ago as a way of celebrating her magnanimous personality rather than dwell on her aging status. It has only served to bring me so much closer to her as I have documented who she is through her diary writings… I realize how lucky, so very lucky, I have been to have had her in my life for these 14 short years. I find myself face to face with her demise, and I wonder how I’ll make it. How I’ll be able to wake up every morning and start my day without her exaggerated prolonged stretch, hoping for a ribcage scratch and a kiss on the temple.

And again, I find myself blinded by my own tears, and unable to type. Please send us your good wishes. And thank you so much for always just being you…each and every one of you.

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