Dogster Duchess Moves to Rainbow Bridge

 |  Mar 17th 2007  |   3 Contributions


This has been a very sad week for many in the Dogster community. Duchess, the grand dame of the Pet Poetry Group and beloved member of other Dogster groups has unexpectedly passed over to the Rainbow Bridge. We will all miss her.

Even now as I type this I find myself tearing up as I think about her loving family and her many friends who will feel a Duchess-shaped hole in their lives for some time. She made her mark on many of us.

If you would like to share the joy of Duchess' life there are a number of things happening around Dogster to commemorate her life.

Tessa Lee, Rocco Rocky and Sabre have started the Our Angel Duchess Group to remember her and build a scrapbook for her family.

The Hollidog has started an acrostic poetry shower on the Pet Poetry Group to remember the beauty of Duchess.

And Duchess' spirit stays with us on Dogster as she moves to the Pets from the Past Group. All you lovely dogs and cats at the Rainbow Bridge make a point of head-butting or nuzzling your welcomes to her!

If I have missed any events for Duchess. please bark in and share it with us.


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