Dogster Daisy Helps to Get Dogster Stickers to Fellow Dogsters Around the World

 |  Feb 16th 2007  |   0 Contributions


Are you a non Stateside dogster who would really like one of those cool Dogster stickers but just don't have easy access to US postage (cause getting them requires sending in a self addressed stamped envelope). Well a Dogster wants to help connect you up! Daisy and her peeps want to share Dogster love so all you have to do is p-mail Daisy and she'll get an appropriately stamped and addressed envelope to HQ for you! How sweet is that?

Nancy, Daisy's furmom, wrote:

Hi Joy!

Just wanted to let you know we are planning another Dogster Sticker send out to all our Non-US doggie pals!

You can read about our previous mission and our new thread here.

Could you please help me get the word out so we can spread the Dogster Sticker love around the world? :o)

Thanks a bunch!

For all doggies who are interested, just pmail me your address, and I will send in a self-addressed stamped envelope on their behalf to Randi @ Dogster HQ.

Daisy & her peeps


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