Dogster Bowie Commands Attention on Dog Each Day

 |  Dec 30th 2006  |   2 Contributions

Bowie on Dog Each Day.jpg

Congratulations to Bowie for being today's subject on Dog Each Day!

Here's what her furmom Wendy has to say about her:

Bowie is a two year old miniature dachshund who captivates everyone with her bi-colored eyes. Bowie came to us at eight weeks old as a three pound rolly-polly puppy with the spirit of a great dane. Bowie goes everywhere with her Mom and Dad, including many places most dogs cant because of her small size. Shes grown up to be a whopping 10 pounds - smaller than one of our cats. She has a fabulous smile and a joyfullness that never wanes. Her sisters and brothers" have always been the three cats in our house, so she believes shes a cat and sometimes isnt quite sure what to do with other dogs. Like many small dogs, she has the attitude of a mastiff! Bowie is loved much more than we ever thought we could love and has become like a child to us. - Wendy


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