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Dogster HQ Takes the Bing It On Challenge

At Dogster, it's a constant search for perfect doggy pics. The folks at Bing swore they'd get us better results than Google -- so we took them up on it.

 |  May 1st 2013  |   1 Contribution

If you read Dogster, it's probably fair to assume you take pleasure in perusing pooch photos online. So do we. We spend hours sniffing out the perfect images to accompany our stories. And we know that when you're searching for dog photos, you want to view only the best (read: the most ridiculous and cute).

Our puppy-gazing time is precious; we want to find the photos that will make our cute little tails wag as quickly and efficiently as possible. But are all search engines created the same?

Well, we were surprised to find out that in blind tests, people apparently prefer Bing over Google for the Web's top searches. The BingItOn.com test allows users to compare unmarked Web search results from Bing and Google side-by-side. For five searches, users choose their preferred results. After all five searches are completed, the site reveals which search site you liked more. 

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"Aloha!" Chihuahua in Wig by Shutterstock

Because Dogster's editors and writers have to make critical canine photo-related decisions every day, Bing invited us to take the Bing It On challenge. We accepted. Although this post is sponsored by Bing (could you guess that yet?), all the opinions expressed here are our own.

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"Cute enough for ya?" Cute Yorkie by Shutterstock

So, let's give it a try!

Challenge No. 1: Corgi puppies

Let's say we come home to find our sweet little Max has found our brand new pair of strappy sandals. You know, the ones we were going to wear to that concert Friday night. Do we immediately jump online and see if we can get a replacement pair sent overnight? Maybe. But first, we need to instantly improve our mood.

What better way to get happy than to look at Corgis? Yes! So, we access BingItOn.com and type "corgi puppies" in the search bar. Here are our side-by-side results. We simply review the results and choose our favorite by clicking one of the boxes at the top of the page.

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Those short legs! Those big ears!

We, of course, pick the results on the right. I mean, c'mon -- look at guy with the belly-shot!

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Instant feel-good!

Challenge No. 2: sleepy puppies

Now we need to fold laundry, but our dog is stretched across our legs, pinning us to the sofa. Why not nix the laundry, lean over to the laptop, and look at sleepy puppy photos?

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We're suddenly very sleepy.

The white pup on the end nails it. The face!

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What's cuter than sleeping puppies? Maybe nothing.

Challenge No. 3: cute dogs

Just got off an hour-long phone call with our long-suffering mother? We deserve a piece of cheesecake and a few cute dog photos.

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Officially overloaded with cute.

Tough call, but we're going with the search engine on the right.

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So much cute, so little time!

Challenge No. 4: amazing Frisbee dog 

Waiting for your date to pick you up for a fancy dinner? Why not pass the time looking at some amazing Frisbee dog tricks? Yes!

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Now that's some air time!

All right, these dogs are way more coordinated than any of us! The second side is just a little more tricked-out.

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Challenge No. 5: dogs in costume

Halloween! Rocky is tired of the same old taco costume. It's time for something new!

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So many choices!

Do you see the cheerleader? Ridiculous!

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We just can't decide -- we love them all!

And the winner is ...

Five searches are completed and now it's time to see the results! Which search engine did we prefer? Drumroll, please!

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The results are in!

We chose Bing over Google four out of five times. We swear! How about you? Take the challenge at this link and let us know what dog terms you searched for in the comments below!


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