Dogs Volunteer To Go For Walks

 |  Oct 5th 2009  |   1 Contribution

It's Adopt-A-Dog month and you can help a dog get adopted by simply going for a walk. In NYC you can volunteer to walk a shelter dog, or bring them to any of the numerous fun events happening around the city, to get them noticed and possibly into a new forever home.

Thanks to the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals orange vests that say 'Adopt Me' are given to the animals, making the pups hard to miss. The vests are distributed to rescue groups free of charge. What a great idea.

Here are the details from the NY Daily News.

*Oct 02 - 00:05*"Walking a dog from a shelter is easy to do and doesn't require any long-term commitment," said animal lover Lisa Alexander, whose recent volunteer stroll with Batman, a Pomeranian from the Sean Casey Animal Rescue group, resulted in a match made in heaven.

Batman was adopted by Becca Goebel, a model who spotted the orange vest-wearing mutt walking in SoHo and is now spoiling him silly.

Shelter workers say the orange adoption vests - which fit right in with fall festivities - add an extra layer of visibility to an adoptable pet.

"It not only signals the dog is available for adoption, but is a great conversation starter," said Michael Sanchez of animal rescue group Bideawee.

Let's recap, shall we? Walking a dog daily is terrific exercise so this relieves you from having to join a gym, you don't need to make a long-term commitment, it costs you nothing but a little time, and if you're single it's a great way to meet someone. If you ask me, it's a win-win.

*Photo courtesy NY Daily News


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