Dogs Set Fire To Mobile Home

 |  Oct 2nd 2009  |   12 Contributions

fire529579_1204382295Take one gas stove, three dogs, and food left on the stove top and what do you get? If you guessed a house fire, you are correct.

According to the Mercury News, the owner was out of the home when his dogs inadvertently turned on the gas stove's burners as they tried to get at the items left on top.

The three dogs inside all escaped unharmed. However, one cat was killed and eight others are still missing.

It is not clear which of the dogs started the fire, none are talking. It also seems odd to me that eight cats are still missing, I'm starting to suspect these dogs were in some kind of conspiracy to get their house back. I do hope all the cats are found safe and sound.

19dogfiresafety1This incident should remind folks how important fire safety is, having smoke detectors and putting stickers on the window to let fire fighters know you have pets inside. Here's an article I posted lasted year, Pet Fire Safety Tips, that every pet owner should read. You'll also want to make sure you have a fire evacuation plan.


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