Dogs Join Humans on the Writers Guild of America Picket Line

 |  Dec 8th 2007  |   1 Contribution

Great idea as a morale booster and attention getter!

Thanks to Scribe Vibe, Variety's WGA strike blog, for this article.

Dogs have their day on the WGA picket lines

Dozens of pooches showed up to Bring Your Dog Day outside studio lots Thursday morning.

All dogs sported red bandanas with the WGA logo and the inscription, "Don't Make Us Beg." Dog treats were provided by The Modern Dog.

"All the dogs are getting along great with each other," said organizer Jhoni Marchinko ("Will & Grace"). "So if all these dogs can get along, it's too bad that the companies and the writers can't."

Marchinko credited Cindy Chupack -- who showed up at Fox with Tink, her Saint Bernard -- with creating the idea. "We thought it was a real good way to boost morale for people on the line," she said. "Otherwise it can get a bit monotonous, walking in a circle like you're a crazy person."


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