Dogs in Singapore Celebrate the Season

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This looks like such fun! If any Dogsters participated, bark in and tell us about it!

Thanks to Channel NewsAsia for allowing us to share this happy time!

Dogs make merry with their own Christmas party
By Hoe Yeen Nie, Channel NewsAsia

SINGAPORE : It wasn't just the humans that made merry this Christmas - even dogs got into the action too, with their own Christmas party.

For Ringo the golden retriever, it was a special day indeed, as he got to celebrate Christmas and his birthday with all his canine friends.

And what's a birthday without a cake? Made with bread, minced meat, yoghurt, and peach-flavoured baby food, it's no ordinary fare.

"They (the dogs) are enjoying very well. I think they find it very delicious," said Dierdre Tan, Ringo's owner.

Dressing up is always fun, though the dogs may not think so.

And with presents, lamb chops and gourmet shepherd pies, these dogs sure know how to celebrate in style.

According to some pet shops, the top doggy gifts this season are those that both the owners and their pets can use - think aromatherapy candles that not only soothes all frazzled nerves, but also helps get rid of the doggy smell.

Reindeer and elf costumes are also a hit with customers, as are quality doggy treats that can cost at least $60 a bag.

Josiah Gan, director of K9 Kulture said: "Dog owners spend almost equally as much on their dogs as on their real life-children. The food is usually top-grade food right now, what we call human-grade food.

"They also spend money to send their dogs to school. Some owners actually spend about $600 a month to send their dogs here, while some owners spend about $300 to $400 a month."

Although the extravagance doesn't come cheap, these owners don't appear to mind.

Emily McLean, a dog owner said: "She's part of the family, and she addresses me as mummy and my husband as daddy."

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