Dogs in Restaurants -- Chow Answers Nagging Question

 |  Aug 14th 2007  |   5 Contributions

So why aren't our furbabies allowed in most restaurants in the US? Chow decided to tackle that question in a recent post.

Chow and Bow Wow
Why arent dogs allowed in U.S. restaurants?

By Lessley Anderson and Jason Krause

Why are dogs banned from restaurants in the United States? Are they really a health hazard?

As long as dogs are dewormed and properly groomed, many people, including veterinarian Dr. Kjerstin Jacobs of Chicago, Illinois, do not see an obvious health reason for not allowing your pup in a restaurant. However, the FDA prohibits live animals (except fish in tanks) in retail establishments where food is served. Health concerns include pets going to the bathroom on the floor or people, including restaurant employees, petting them and not washing their hands, says Lawrence Pong, manager of training and food-borne illness outbreak investigation for the San Francisco Department of Public Health.

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