Dogs Guard Lions and Tigers at Indian Rescue Center

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Thanks to the Times of India for this article.

Dogs guard big cats at rescue centre
24 Sep 2007

The lion may well be the king of the jungle, but in an animal rescue centre in Rajasthan the roaring cats are at the mercy of two dogs.

Ironical as it is, two German Shepherds stand guard in shifts to ensure the safety of 31 lions, 19 tigers and a tigon (cross between lion and tiger) in Naharagharh rescue centre on the outskirts of Jaipur. Spread across two hectares, the centre was set up after the Centre banned lions, tigers, panthers, bears and monkeys from performing in circuses some years ago.

According to forest officials, the big cats would roar at the dogs in the beginning but now have become friendly with them. The dogs also intervene in case of a scuffle between the inmates, the officials said.

"If anyone tries to enter the periphery of the rescue centre, the dogs start barking, alerting the tigers and lions," said an official.

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