Dogs Are Bad For Global Warming

 |  Oct 23rd 2009  |   60 Contributions

lexi389334_1161219708Here's one you need to see, a new book on sustainable living claims dogs are as bad for global warming as SUV's.

A medium-sized dog is compared to a 4.1 (1 turbo- diesel) Land Cruiser as having the same impact on the environment.

Here are the details from the

By the authors' estimates, Rover wolfs down approximately 164kg of meat and 95 kg of cereal products per annum.

The land required to produce that food is 0.84 hectares (ha) (or 1.1 for a large dog), while building and driving the jeep for a year requires just 0.41 hectares of land.

Robert Vales, the author of Time to Eat the Dog: The Real Guide to Sustainable Living, suggests keeping smaller pets that leave less of an eco-footprint. More sustainable pets such as goldfish, hamsters, chickens or rabbits. Have you ever tried taking a hamster or rabbit to the dog park?

Well, I'm going to disagree with Mr. Vales on this one. Our pups might leave a bit of an eco-footprint on the environment, but they leave much bigger footprints on my heart. So don't expect any changes at the Hoefinger household any time soon.

* In loving memory of Lexi. Even though she was gone too soon, you know from the picture her 'footprint' will always be around.


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