Dogs and Stranger Anxiety

 |  Nov 9th 2010  |   1 Contribution

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An overly fearful dog (Photo from Dr. Yin's book)

Hey Dogsters! If your dog is anxious around strangers, click on over to a guest post by veterinarian and applied animal behaviorist Dr. Sophia Yin. She has some great suggestions and tips on dealing with dogs with stranger anxiety issues. Just as important, she helps you get a real understanding of what your dog is going through, and why. It goes a long way toward the healing process.

Dr. Yin is the author of the book, Low Stress Handling and Behavior Modification of Dogs and Cats, newly released as an e-book. I coordinated her guest post, and can tell you she's offering an abridged version of the book for free online through December 2010. Click here for access. Read it while you can. There's lots of good stuff in the pages of this book!


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