Dogs And Cats Can Get Along

 |  Nov 22nd 2008  |   0 Contributions

Here is a great posting from our sister site, Catster, on members that got together in an effort to save a Dogster who was left alone after the death of her owner.

It is a sad story, but it shows what can happen when dogs and cats get along.

Recently, TV station KOAT in Albuquerque reported that Dogster Noelle (left) was saved from euthanasia in a shelter by the members of the Dogster community, who arranged to transport Noelle (who was on death row in a Florida shelter) to a new home 1500 miles away in New Mexico.

But several of my Catster friends were quick to point out that technically, it was mostly Catsters who did the legwork to save Noelle and her two feline housemates (Aldo and Tess) from an unhappy ending, and asked me to tell the story of the Catsters behind the scenes that made this happy ending a reality.

You can read the full story on the Catster blog, plus check out top dog Ted Reinghold being interviewed by phone on Albuquerque ABC news affiliate KOAT. Ted spoke about the amazing lengths that Dogster and Catster members have gone to in order to find homes for Dogster pets, or to help relocate them.

Dogsters and Catsters rock!


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