DogPause Dog Bowl Giveaway!

 |  Jul 24th 2008  |   54 Contributions

Is your pal a chow hound, gulping down food without swallowing? If the answer is yes, you'll want to know all about a great new product. DogPause, a bowl designed to help slow dogs down when they eat. The best part...we're giving away twenty bowls! All you need to do to enter is leave a comment on why you would like to win a DogPause bowl, twenty lucky winners will be selected at random. Now there's something to bark about.

Introducing DogPause, the first dog bowl with proprietary SlowZonesTM and integrated portion control.
You know how you feel when you eat too fast (or eat too much). Same thing with your dog -- it's not healthy for him or her to inhale the food.

We experienced a recent episode with Logan, our Bernese Mountain dog. He scarfed down a bowl of food and started showing symptoms of what we thought were the early signs of bloat. Luckily, it ended up being "the gulps", but now we now realize the importance of slowing down his eating time.

DogPause is the only dog bowl clinically proven to slow down dogs' eating. In clinical tests run by professional vets, DogPause slowed down dogs by an average of 50% vs. standard dog bowls. As vets will confirm, a slower eating dog is a happier, healthier dog with less risk of experiencing (or doing) all sorts of yucky things like vomiting, gas, belching, gagging, life-threatening bloat, etc. Which makes life better for you and your dog...

So get those paws typing because the contest starts today and ends July 31st.


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