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Jess and dogbow

Dogs And Rainbows

I had never heard of these either until Peter C. sent me a link to this article on SpaceWeather.com.

How do you make a rainbow? It’s simple. All you need are water droplets and sunshine. Les Gamble’s collie Jess demonstrates the proper technique (see picture above).

“I was itching to try out our new digital camera,” says Gamble of Inverness, Scotland. “Jess is always a willing helper so, we had a bash at making rainbows — or would that be ‘dogbows’?”

The physics of dogbows and the physics of rainbows are exactly the same: Droplets of water act like tiny prisms, catching sunbeams and spreading them into their underlying colors. Grab your dog and give it a try!

Another good reason to give your dog a bath in the summer time — dogbows!

Jess and sun dogbow