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 |  Aug 29th 2008  |   5 Contributions

What a historic week in politics. First we had the Democratic National Convention getting all the dems pumped up by nominating the first African American for the presidency, and today we have John McCain lighting a fire under the GOP faithful with his suprise VP pick of Sarah Palin.

The question now is how will this week's activities affect the voting public nationally? No, I'm not curious about the effect on people, but rather on our dogs' voting sensibilities. But where oh where could I find out what that effect is?

Look no further than where your dog gets a chance to vote for his or her favorite candidate. You do need to buy a bandana, cool as it is, in order for the vote to count. There are some pretty funny articles written by dog pundits on the site. Here's a reminder for all your dogs...

When voting this fall, remember to not let your owner drag you into the voting both with that chest harness. Think for yourself. The fate of our nation lies in our paws.

Sadly, they're all out of Benjamin Franklin bandanas. What Bo? He never ran for the presidency, really? Nevermind.

This just in: internal polling in the Hoefinger household shows the election is a dead heat with one vote for Bob Barr, one vote for Obama and one vote for McCain. If our soon to be adopted cat could vote, it would be interesting to see who she'd pick. Of course it's silly evening thinking about it because we all know cats can't read, and thereby, can't vote.

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