Dog Takes Chicago Expressway the Hard Way

 |  Apr 30th 2010  |   15 Contributions

For two days in a row, traffic on the Eisenhower Expressway in Chicago had a very odd commuter: A lone pit bull walking and running on his own four paws, darting in and out of traffic, seemingly trying to get to his destination like everyone else. As you can imagine, this was rather disruptive to the commute. Thankfully, no one was hurt. The second time that he did his vehicle impersonation, police managed to lure him to the back of a police car, and the tired boy fell asleep almost immediately. No one has stepped up to claim the dog, whom police are calling Eisenhower, or Ike, for short. What was he looking for? Where was he off to? We may never know, but we hope he ends up in a loving home that will put him in a car, and never let him take to the streets on his own again. Dogs just were not made for life in the fast lane.


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