Dog Sniffs Out Cheating Spouse

 |  Oct 21st 2009  |   7 Contributions

yorieAre there now dogs being trained to sniff out cheating spouses? Well, not exactly, but a Yorkie in Italy did rat out his mom.

A Sicilian woman told her husband she was taking their dog for a walk. A bit later the husband was out with the kids when he heard a familiar bark. He found his pup tied to a tree in front of a bar.

According to the, the husband looked in the bar and found his wife in a passionate embrace with the owner. This probably won't come as a surprise, the couple is planning on divorcing. I wonder if there will be a custody fight over the dog? I'm thinking the dog goes with the husband.

If anyone out there needs to keep their spouse in line, Princeton is up for adoption. He's 3-months-old and was surrendered by the breeder who could not get him adopted. He is on Dogster's Dog Adoption & Rescue Center, totally unrelated to the story, there was no picture of their Yorkie.


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