Dog Sitter Gets Puppy Drunk

 |  Oct 27th 2009  |   41 Contributions

reba682591_1252371330A 28-year-old man, Jared Levi Colony, got a friend's dog drunk while he was dog sitting. The dog's owner was only gone for about a half an hour, but in that time Colony poured vodka into the dog's bowl encouraging him to drink it.

Here are the details from the

When the owner returned, the dog - named Pip - was unresponsive and had its tongue hanging out.

'Pip's just a little drunk right now,' Colony is reported to have said.

Pip was treated for alcohol poisoning at the local at Bright Eyes and Bushy Tails veterinary hospital, and survived.

Colony, who may have thought this was funny, probably isn't laughing anymore after being charged with animal abuse and facing up to two years in prison.

*I didn't have a picture of the actual dog drinking, so here's Dogster Reba posing as a drink, a Mai Tai to be exact.


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