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Dog in Singapore Waits Patiently for Absent Owner, Recalling Hachiko

A Labrador in Singapore re-enacts the story of famed Hachiko by returning to the same bus stop every day for months.

 |  Jul 18th 2012  |   2 Contributions

Nicknamed "Jurong's Hachiko" after the Akita who loyally awaited the return of his human at the train station he used to routinely arrive at before he died, a Labrador in Singapore has been returning to the same bus stop for days, garnering attention and an effort to capture him and give him a new home.

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Nicknamed Hachiko, the lonely Labrador became a familiar sight to locals when he'd routinely show up at a bus stop.

The dog has been appearing at the stop twice a day for the past few months. No one knows anything about the dog or what might have happened to his human. Locals don't know whether the dog has been abandoned or if the owner has passed away -- all they do know is that the dog comes to the bus stop in the afternoon and in the evening, and goes home with no one.

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Though fearful of people, the dog only accepts food from a bowl.

Though he is shy and wary of people, and somewhat dirty, the dog appears otherwise healthy, and is estimated to be about 7 or 8. A nearby newspaper vendor has been feeding him so he doesn't go hungry, and has noted that the dog will eat only from a bowl and is generally well-behaved, even waiting for the light to turn green before crossing the street.

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Things are about to change for this lucky Lab!

UPDATE: Several people have attempted to lure the dog away, but the dog is steadfast and will not go to anyone. Recently, however, a group of people managed to capture the dog, with hopes of giving him a new home. The dog is currently in the hands of a veterinarian, and once looked over and given the okay, will go home to a new family.

Via Dog Heirs and Yahoo! News, photos of the captured Jurong Hachiko courtesy of Rajaa


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