Dog Shoots Duck Hunter in Heinie

 |  Dec 1st 2011  |   8 Contributions

A dog in Utah may have created a new definition for "hunting dog" when he shot his human in the heinie during a duck-hunting trip. It was a real bull's-eye, peppering his owner with 27 pellets of birdshot from about 10 feet away.

The man had gotten out of the boat they were in to deal with some duck decoys when the dog stepped on a 12-gauge shotgun and blasted his owner in the buttocks. It's unclear whether the safety was on. My hubby, who knows about these things from his duck-hunting past, says a big paw could have tripped the safety and hit the trigger without too much effort.

The hunter's injuries were not serious, thanks in part to the waders he was wearing. But I doubt that he'll be sitting around and recounting the tale for the next few days. Standing? Yes. Sitting. No.

Source: AP story, via The Washington Post


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