Dog Saves The Day...Again

 |  Nov 13th 2008  |   1 Contribution

In Wichita, KS a couple's dogs helped alert them to a stranger in the house.

Police say a woman woke up to the animals' barks just before one o'clock Thursday morning. She let the dogs out then went into the bathroom.

When she turned on the light she saw a man who she initially thought was her husband.

When she realized it wasn't, she screamed. That woke up her husband who came in and punched the man in the face. He then held the intruder by his ponytail until police could get there.

Investigators later arrested the stranger.

Once again, it was a dog that came to a humans rescue. A short story, but I always like to give a dog credit where credit is due.

* The watchdog above is Dogster member Harley.


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