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Dog Saves Owner from Their Burning House in Baltimore

Pumpkin, a Lab mix, alerts rescuers to the woman's location in the nick of time.

 |  Jan 8th 2013  |   9 Contributions

On Friday, a Baltimore woman was trapped in a back room of her house, which was on fire. She was on her knees, nearly unconscious. Time was running out. The house was filled with dark smoke and flames, according to the Daily Mail. It seemed like the woman would perish in the fire.

Her dog, Pumpkin, had other ideas. 

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The first people on the scene were a couple of retired firefighters, Billy Mills and Hugh Owens, who happened to be in the area and arrived shortly before fire crews. Mills, who was a lieutenant with Prince George's County fire and EMS department, ran to the back of the house, assessing the fire. There he met Pumpkin. The black Lab mix knew exactly what to do. 

"He came up to me and started jumping on me," Mills told NBC Washington. 

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Then Pumpkin put his nose to the ground and ran straight to the sliding door. Mills followed, looked in the door, and saw the woman, who appeared unconscious. Mills and Owens carried her from the house. The woman was incoherent. She sustained smoke and burn injuries, but they weren't life threatening. 

If not for her dog, she would have probably died. Her dog saved her life. And his responsibility to his owner didn't stop there. 

Once outside, Pumpkin never left her side. When medical crews arrived, he stayed right next to her. When she was put in an ambulance, Pumpkin jumped in, and crews had to force the dog out. Today, he sits in the Prince George's County animal services shelter, waiting for his owner to recover. They'll have to find a new place to live -- their home was destroyed. 

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Prince George’s County Fire Department spokesperson Mark Brady credits Mills and Pumpkin for saving the woman, according to Bowie Patch

Via the Daily Mail


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