Dog Rescuers Unite

 |  Apr 27th 2009  |   1 Contribution

I recently found out about a website called, it's a kind of database for dog rescuers everywhere.

The site was set-up to help bring rescuers together on one forum. A place to have a worldwide network of contacts, dog lovers who are willing to help out when the need arises.

The Dogsnose web site is a facility, operated by dog loving volunteers, where people everywhere can register their willingness to help dogs in need and discuss issues relating to canine rescue.

It is not an animal rehoming site, there are many such rescues already on the Internet - see Dog Rescues pages. What makes Dogsnose unique and vital within the dog rescue fraternity, is its database of helpers who WILL help dog rescues and thus, in turn, dogs in need.

It is a people-to-people site with the welfare of canines to the fore. Add the forum, a medium for dialogue, and this makes Dogsnose central to helping dogs worldwide. We hope that all will acknowledge this so that Dogsnose can have real impact. Individuals simply have to give their first name, country & town of residence, email address and tick "I can help" boxes to signup as helpers - it is that easy!

This site is based in the UK, they are really working hard to get a network going in the United States. If you would like to sign up it only takes a minute.

Let's show our friends across the pond the dog lovers of America are willing to step up to the plate and lend a helping paw.


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