Dog Rescued by Cool Cop After Freeway Crash

 |  Nov 21st 2011  |   15 Contributions



Arizona Department of Public Safety officer Martin Bennett will stop at nothing to get his man — or his dog. By chasing down and rescuing this scared Yorkie, who ran away after his owner's car was in an accident in busy

rush-hour traffic, he undoubtedly prevented another accident (or more), and surely saved the pup's life.

Bennett, who is 6-foot-10, is a mighty big hero in Dogster's book. He'll probably take a little good-natured ribbing from fellow officers. Bennett told Fox and Friends: "I'm sure this will be mentioned at my retirement party years from now. I was just happy to get the dog and get him to safety."

Can you believe how that dog ran and ran? The traffic was going as fast as 70 mph. Good going, Officer Bennett and whoever else that was on the other motorcycle! We love stories like this for our Mondays.

Source:, Huffington Post


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