Dog Rescued After 125-Mile Journey on Ice Floe

 |  Jan 27th 2010  |   25 Contributions

Baltic clung to an ice floe for four days and 120 miles before being rescued

The dogs problems probably started when he got trapped on ice on a Polish river last week. Before he knew it, current swept him out to sea on frozen river ice. People saw him along the way, and launched several rescue unsuccessful attempts.

Eventually sightings stopped, and it was assumed the dog had perished during his oft sub-zero journey.

Then four days after he became ice-bound, the Baltica sailed near, purely by chance. My crew saw a shape moving on the water and we immediately decided to get closer to check if it was a dog or maybe a seal relaxing on the ice," recounted Jan Joachim, senior officer.

One scientist told the Daily Mail, "One of the sailors thought they had seen another seal but then he noticed it had legs, ears and a tail."

The rescue was far from simple. The dog would have nothing to do with walking into a net at the end of a pole. Eventually the ship dropped a pontoon of would-be rescuers.

"We tried to sail as close as possible but as we approached the boat pushed the ice and the dog was sliding off," seaman Adam Buczynski told the Daily Mail. Eventually they reached out and grabbed him.

"The dog didnt even yelp but you could see the fear in his eyes," he said.

The crew warmed him, cared for him, and named the salty sea dog "Baltic." If no one comes forth as his owner, the captain will adopt him as the ship's mascot.

Check out this short video of his rescue. (Between this and the rescue of the dog in the Los Angeles River, it's been quite the week for dramatic dog-in-water rescue stories!)


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