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Oscar, Paralyzed, Was Abandoned in New York But Found a Home

The rescued Dachshund now advocates for other special needs dogs.

 |  Aug 12th 2013  |   2 Contributions

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The chances of a dog found on the streets ending up in a stable, happy forever home are, sadly, pretty slim. If you're a dog like Oscar, who, for reasons unknown, is paralyzed, those chances drop nearly to zero.

Oscar was staring at those odds when he was picked up by animal services in New York City, and, facing the cruel reality of adoption for special needs animals, he was placed on death row. That's when Urgent Part 2 got a hold of Oscar's story and posted his info to its network. NY Pet-I-Care swept in and rescued the little Dachshund mix, and that's how he came to his new home.

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How adorable is that EAR?
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Oscar and his partner in crime, Tiki.
Now Oscar advocates on behalf of other special needs dogs on his Facebook page, acting as an example of just how wonderful a pet a dog like Oscar can be. Sure, he's not what everyone imagines when they begin considering getting a dog, but as the little pup demonstrates, a canine with special needs is still a rewarding companion.

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Oscar with his awesome new wheels.

Photos via Oscar's Facebook page -- go check it out and tell him Dogster sent you!

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