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Autumn, a Dog on Wheels, Is on a Journey of Hope and Education

When she lost back-leg mobility to degenerative myelopathy, she set out to inform the world.

 |  Oct 14th 2013  |   2 Contributions

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For about eight years, Autumn brought nothing but joy to her family. They've had her since she was four months old, and though her Facebook page doesn't specify her origins, since Autumn is a German Shepherd and Carolina Dog mix it's probably safe to bet that she came from some sort of rescue situation.

Things were going great for Autumn until November 2011, when her human friends noticed her dragging one of her back legs.

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Look at this face! What a great dog Autumn is!

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This is a face that says, "Rub my belly, pleeeease?"

Like good human friends, her family took her to the vet, who diagnosed her with a disease called degenerative myelopathy. Unfortunately, a diagnosis was all her vet could offer, as not much is known about the debilitating disease.

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This is a dog who is still enjoying the abundance of life.

Now, a lot of folks, upon getting some bad news, might just get really bummed out, but not Autumn! Autumn took her disease as an opportunity to educate other dog lovers about the rare but devastating disease. On her Facebook page, Autumn offers a summary of degenerative myelopathy. According to her page, the disease affects a dog's back legs, causing weakness and loss of coordination. Paralysis may develop and spread to other muscles. The disease also seems to affect only certain breeds.

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Autumn has degenerative myelopathy and is working to spread awareness about the disease.

For now, Autumn has a wheelchair to help her out, and her family counts every day with her as a blessing. 

I wish Autumn the best on her journey. Check out her Facebook page here, where all these photos are from, and tell her Dogster sent you.

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