Monday Miracle
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Monday Miracle: Bunny The Dog Defies Cuteness Conventions

A dog with no eyes and a primary cleft palate might not sound adorable, but trust us, Bunny will totally steal your heart.

 |  May 12th 2014  |   4 Contributions

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Bunny the dog was born to a rescue dog in South Central Los Angeles named Mima. Unfortunately, when Bunny was born, Mima was too sick and malnourished to produce milk for her litter, so Bunny and her two littermates went into the care of some very patient and attentive human friends, who devotedly bottle-fed the puppies every two to three hours.

Sadly, one of the puppies did not make it, and passed on to the Rainbow Bridge on tiny, soft paws. However, out of the sadness came a major triumph: Piggy Wiggly, who was born healthy and whole, was adopted into a forever family. That left only Bunny, and Bunny will never be leaving the Pulling for Paws rescue.

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How could you NOT love this face?

That's because Bunny is a permanent resident of Pulling for Paws. Bunny was born without eyes and a primary cleft palate. She requires extra special attention and medical care, which is why Pulling for Paws is not adopting her out. However, as you can see, she is being well cared for and is immensely loved by her caretakers. She may not be adopted out, but she is definitely part of the Pulling for Paws family!

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A very tiny Bunny.

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Besides her unusual facial features, Bunny is a totally normal dog!

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Sure, she's got a face different than most dogs, but she doesn't have any eyes, so she can't see what she looks like anyway! Not that it matters, because love is blind. We love Bunny because she's a little ray of hope in an otherwise tragic story. She's a reminder that even in the darkness there is light, and we're so glad that Pulling for Paws decided to take her under its wing.

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So cute.

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Those EARS!

All these wonderful photos are from Bunny's Facebook page, which you should totally go check out. Tell her Dogster sent you!

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