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How Daisy, an Underdog with an Underbite, Made a Difference

Daisy's days seemed numbered when animal control picked her up, but rescuers brought out the "Underbite Goddess" who found a home.

 |  Dec 2nd 2013  |   6 Contributions

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This is Daisy. She is an "Underbite Goddess" with a "shy maxilla and an outgoing mandible" -- and now you know what the parts of your jaw are called!

Daisy was picked up by animal control about three years ago as a puppy. We imagine a lot of folks passed her up, not realizing that a goddess resides in that protruding jawline. She was even scheduled to be euthanized. Not cool, but then again, it's not always easy to recognize greatness -- even when it's right in front of ya, even when it's jutting out from underneath a dog's top lip.

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Look at this cuteness!

Fortunately, someone finally did see the goddess in Daisy's eyes, and the puppy was rescued within hours of being forced to the Rainbow Bridge, and then, months later, Daisy was adopted for forever by her best human friend.

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You can see how her front legs are a little different.

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How pretty! What a goddess!

In addition to her fierce facial features, Daisy was also born with disfigured legs that make her hop like a bunny. But that's okay! Bunnies are cute! And Daisy is a happy, sweet, stinky dog. Hey, don't get mad at me for that! Those are the words from her Facebook page -- apparently Daisy is the stinkiest dog ever. But that's cool because she's also the Underbite Goddess and she can do whatever she wants, including being stinky.

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Can you believe this happy face was alms euthanized?

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What's out there, Daisy?

Check out Daisy's Facebook page for more photos and let her know that Dogster sent you.

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