Dog Poisoned by Meatballs in Backyard is Recovering

 |  Jan 18th 2011  |   21 Contributions

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Oreo is recovering well, despite having been near death because of the poisoned meatballs

When Oreo found several raw meatballs in his backyard, he must have thought he'd died and gone to heaven.

Tragically, he nearly did.

The meatballs were laced with strychnine. His owners found six more in their La Mesa, Calif., backyard -- but thankfully their other two dogs didn't find them first.

Nine-year-old Oreo wasn't expected to pull through at first, but his vet put him in a medically induced coma over the weekend. He was kept alive via a ventilator ($5,000 per day!). Generous donations from viewers of a CBS-8 news segment raised $2,000 helped defray costs.

Amazingly, Oreo came out of the coma on Monday, and was able to breathe on his own. He even stood up and drank some water.

"He looks great. This is better than I could have hoped for," veterinary assistant Jenny Burns told KSWB-TV. Oreo isn't out of the woods yet, though, according to veterinarian Mike Mansfield. There's a chance he suffered brain damage from the severe seizures he suffered from the poison. Time will tell.

The most frightening part of the story is that this is not the first attempted dog poisoning in the San Diego-area town. Neighbors say about five other dogs have been poisoned and killed within the last five years. Police are apparently investigating.

The first video below is from when Oreo was still in his coma. It provides a good look at what this poor dog and his family have gone through. The second one is the CBS-8 video that helped raise money for this very expensive medical treatment.

We wish Oreo and his family the best. And we hope police really pursue the poisoner this time.


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