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Guess What These Dogs Are Dressed as for Halloween? (We're Having a Contest!)

Can you guess the costumes in these photos? We also have a costume contest, so read the rules and enter to win a prize!

 |  Oct 15th 2013  |   16 Contributions

Halloween is right around the corner folks, and if you have already read this article and decided that your costume idea has not crossed the line, then congratulations! Festive adorableness is in your future!

Can you guess what these costumes are supposed to be? Here's what I think -- am I hot or cold?

1. A pun

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Photo by editrixie


2. Cat barf

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Photo by istolethetv

Right before the dog scarfs it down -- yum!

3. Mildew

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Photo by istolethetv

This is why it's important to dry your dog between washes.

4. Michael Jackson's long lost sparkly glove

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Photo by istolethetv

Finally! The answer to why he only ever had one!

5. Someone who has never seen The Wizard of Oz

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Photo by Aaron Edwards

You've got it all wrong.

I'll bet you've got an even better costume waiting in the closet, so let's see 'em!

To get you in the mood, we're hosting a Halloween costume contest right here on Dogster via Instagram. Here's how to play:

  1. Tag your costume photos on Instagram with #DogsterHalloween
  2. Check out your photos here in our live slideshow below
  3. You have until Monday, Oct. 21, to enter on Instagram
  4. We'll pick five random photos as our Editor's Choice
  5. And then open them up for voting on Tuesday, Oct. 22, right here on the website
  6. The two Dogsters with the most votes on Halloween (Oct. 31) will receive a fabulous prize and bragging rights forever!

Top photo by Flash and Mel

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