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 |  Nov 17th 2009  |   2 Contributions

rosie522972_1178472784This week's Dog Of The Week is none other than Rosie, an 11-year-old Boston Terrier. She's been on Dogster for more than two years! Rosie is an Administrator at Dog Park USA and Fancypant's Cafe.

Rosie was found wandering through a field, starving and infested with fleas, before arriving at her furever home nearly 10 years ago.

Here's Rosie's rescue story from her diary.

I was looking for food in a big empty field in the cold winter rain. A Pick up was coming down the road and it suddenly stopped. A very tall lady jumped out and ran over to me and said are you lost? I was never ever as happy as this! I jumped up as high as I could , she caught me and wrapped me up in her coat and took me to her house.

She bathed me,I had fleas so bad that the bath water was blood red, my skin stretched tightly over my bones, you could county them all. She fixed me some food, then she introduced me to Chewey a 19- year- old Boston Terrier she had just rescued from a pound about 3 or 4 months earlier. We liked each other from the start.

Mom and Dad looked for my owner thinking I may have been lost, but nobody ever put up a flier or anything. No ads, nothing. Then after about 4 months when I was getting fat and happy a lady gave a man a ride to our house so he could get Dad to come fix his truck. That lady looked at me and said I know her, and I am really happy that you have her now. Mom asked where I came from She would not tell her, just that they had teenagers who tied fireworks to my legs. and lots of other stuff they didn't hardly feed me and threw me out. They were really mean to me according to that lady. She said do not ever let her go back. At that time Dad said noway will they get her back now! I been with them every sense and I always will be till death do us part.

Rosie has a very unusual way of communicating, when she wants something, she smiles and stomps her feet instead of barking.

What a cutie, we're so glad she found such a wonderful home.


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