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 |  Oct 21st 2009  |   9 Contributions

flash211992_1235756029This week's Dog Of The Week is Flash, he's a real cutie, with a killer smile. He is a 10- year-old Basset Hound/Chinese Shar-Pei mix who's been on Dogster for more than 3 years.

Flash was abandoned by his previous owner but luckily found himself a wonderful new furever home. He now enjoys hiking with his family and chasing rabbits.

Here's a little more from Flash's mom on how he found them.

Unfortunately, Flash was abandoned when his previous owner moved from his house and left Flash tied to the porch. Somehow this dog escaped the porch he was tied up too.

When he showed up at my house I was outside in the front yard. I felt something staring at me and I turned around and there was this dog looking at me. It was like he appeared out of nowhere.

I was told by several neighbors that he had actually been from door to door trying to get someone to take him in. He was terribly hungry, thirsty and scared.

flashtwo211992_1162776798I've had Flash since 2002 and I feel blessed that he came and found me to take him in.

He is my Best Friend!!!

I'm not sure who adopted who, but this match seems like fate.


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