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 |  Oct 13th 2009  |   5 Contributions

flicka2655533_1225320959This week's Dog Of The Week is Flicka, who went from throwaway dog to beloved family member.

Flicka was a throwaway, abused pup; only twelve hours from death when his furever family rescued him. Flicka is a Top Advisor for the Pawsome Pages Group and helps lots of Dogsters decorate their Pet Pages. Flicka is always one of the first pups to offer support to Dogsters in need. He loves to play ball and play in the water. Flicka's account holder just became an American Citizen in August!

On March 1st Flicka turned three. His mom wrote a lovely diary entry that I'd like to share with everyone.

flicka655533_1225312920Today is my Beautiful Boys 3rd Birthday. He was not supposed to see this day... he was a throwaway abused pup ... 12 hrs from death.

This is a guess date... he was around 16 weeks old when he rescued me. He has grown into a wonderful dog. He still has one or two problems... but lets face it.. who or what doesn't?

His loyalty is unquestionable and his love is unconditional ... and so is mine to him. He stood beside the hole in my heart that was left when Cleo died and he quietly built a bridge over it to my soul.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Boy. When you curl up beside me at days end and let out that long contented sigh... simply KNOW it is the greatest gift you could ever give me.

It sounds like Flicka and his mom were meant to be together. Rescue dogs are the most wonderful companions, I truly believe it's because they know you rescued them.


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