Dog of the Day Dashes Through Dogster HQ

 |  Jan 30th 2009  |   4 Contributions

We've had dogs of the day here at Dogster HQ, but never before on the actual day that they're being honored. Today, Dogster history was made when today's Dog of the Day, Dash, a SUPER CUTE little Italian Greyhound mix opened the door and raced on in. And believe me when I say that capitalizing, bolding and italicizing SUPER and CUTE is the least that I can do - Dash is simply adorable!

Here are a few shots of Dash and his human friend, Inna. You might want to be sitting down. The cuteness is overwhelming, even with my so-so iPhone camera...

Thanks a lot, Inna and Dash, for coming in to see us today! You both really made our day!

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