Dog Lost In Desert For A Year Found

 |  Nov 12th 2009  |   10 Contributions


I received a few woofs about this happy story. A bomb training Australian Labrador, Sabi, went missing a year ago in the Afghan desert during the heat of battle. A few days ago she was found by an American serviceman and now Sabi is back home on an Australian base at Tarin Kowt.

Here are the details from The Sydney Morning Herald.

The plucky canine had been missing in action for more than a year and all hope appeared lost, given that she had disappeared into the desert landscape of Afghanistan's south.

She went missing during a battle that led to Australian SAS soldier Trooper Mark Donaldson securing a Victoria Cross for holding out Taliban insurgents.

Nine soldiers were wounded during the encounter, and the party got separated from the dog during the fight.

Sabi was picked up and incarcerated by enemy combatants before her rescue by the US soldier, identified as John.

Back on the base yesterday, Sabi appeared composed and relaxed, posing for cameras and meeting Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and US General Stanley McChrystal.

It's reported that Sabi is doing fine, no signs of stress. Welcome home Sabi!

*Photo ADF


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