Dog Fighting Ring Bust Outside Philadelphia

 |  Aug 24th 2009  |   13 Contributions

Since the Eagles signed Michael Vick dog fighting has been the talk of the town in Philly. To add fuel to the fire, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports a dog fighting ring has been busted in Germantown which is just outside the city.

A tip from the animal-cruelty hotline sent officers from the Pennsylvania SPCA to a house in East Germantown. Several dead dogs were found and a few badly injured pit bulls were rescued. Four men, one is the property owner, face charges.

Today, the Eagles plan to hold a summit of area animal-welfare groups at the NovaCare Complex, the team's South Philadelphia training facility. Vick is not expected to attend.

"This particular bust is especially timely," said Gail Luciani, the chief public relations officer for the Pennsylvania SPCA.

George Bengal, director of law enforcement for the Pennsylvania SPCA, said the entire block where the bust took place is a mecca for dog fighting. Roughly 50-75 complaints come in each month, many off the hotline.

It's great to hear there are people out there that care enough to call the hotline. To file reports of dog fighting and other animal cruelty, contact the Pennsylvania SPCA at 1-866-601-SPCA (7722) or via email.

The pup pictured above is one-month-old Petey, a pit bull mix, he was rescued by a Dogster member after his mother was shot and he (along with littermates) were left in a trash bag to die. He is up for adoption, watch for his full story on the blog tomorrow.


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