Dog Eat Doug -- Comic Strip Takes on Dogs and Babies

 |  Mar 15th 2006  |   2 Contributions

In the war for parental attention who wins, babies or puppies? For me, that's probably a no-brainer. I'm a puppy person all the way. But for some of us, that tussle may no be so clearcut. That must be where the writer of the new comic strip Dog Eat Doug gets his ideas. Brian Anderson writes this one like he must have lived it.

If you haven't seen the strip yet, you might want to zip over to Anderson's website and check it out. Its the constant struggle, and sometimes working together, of a dog and the new baby in the house. For all of us who've heard new parents whine about not being able to keep their dog or dogs because they now have a baby, this comic hits home. Maybe Anderson ought to put together a short illustrated guide to new baby care to let those parents learn how it CAN work with their pets and babies. Now that's a book I'd be sending to a lot of baby showers!


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