Dog Digs Up Unexploded Grenade in Backyard; What's the Weirdest Thing Your Dog has Dug Up?

 |  Jan 5th 2010  |   37 Contributions

dog+diggingA New Zealand man returned from work to discover his dog, Duke, playing with a mud-covered metal object. Upon further inspection, Sean McDermott realized in horror that it was a hand grenade.

And the detonator was still in place.

The grenade has a "kill radius" of 25 meters. And at last check, a dog's mouth chewing on it was certainly within that range.

The latest update from TNVZ reported that a bomb specialist was on his way to the house to disable the corroded device. Chances of its exploding are fairly low, because of its condition, according to the TV report. But McDermott and his wife and dog are playing it safe and staying away from the property until they get the all-clear signal.

Wow! Talk about a close call. One more chonk on the grenade and Duke could have been chasing slow cats in Dog Heaven. We're glad Duke is fine, and hope that by the time you read this, he is back in the house, chewing on something less ridiculous, like a Kong, or even a shoe...

(Update! About a day after this story posted, we heard from Sean McDermott himself! It seems Duke is back to collecting more tame items again. Click on "Comments" to see what he has to say.)

The story jarred my memory, and I remember when we first "fostered" Jake, he was like an explosive device in the backyard. Everywhere he went, a hole happened. We got a handle on this pretty quickly, but not before he dug up half an antique plate, some bright blue tiles, and what appeared to be the bones of someone's long-deceased pet of the cat persuasion.

Digging up this memory got us to wondering if any Dogster dogs have ever dug up something weird, creepy, or even valuable. Bark back and let us know what your dog has come up with when practicing this ancient canine craft!


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