Dog Blog Mystery-- Who Started Mooie Stroll????

 |  Mar 27th 2006  |   5 Contributions

It turns out we have a mystery here at the Dog Blog. Last week I reported that Bono of the Over the Rainbow Group, started the Mooie Stroll. Now Bono has said that he didn't start the Mooie Stroll. Instead, he was the first Catster to cross the species line -- he was the first feline to take the Stroll for Mooie and actively encourage other cats to do the same.

Wow, that is too cool! HOWEVER, I can't take full credit for this.
I'm not sure who the dog portion of the stroll was set up by, but mom heard about it the Squeaky and Fuzzy - for the love of toys group. It was only dogs. Our family WAS the first to add cats to the stroll and I did post the note here asking everyone to tag their photos, but I didn't start the whole thing! I wonder how whoever started it can get the credit??


Okay, Bono might not have started the Mooie Stroll but he has made it much stronger by bringing in his meowing brothers and sisters! Paws Up Bono!

So who really DID start the stroll? If you did or you know who did start this very important stroll PLEASE let the rest of us in on the secret. I want to apologize for not giving him/her/them the credit they deserve. This selfless Dogster or Dogsters deserves a BIG barkout!


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