"Dog Ate My Wallet," Claims Speeder

 |  Jan 7th 2011  |   9 Contributions

Dog did not eat wallet
A man who had already lost his license because of a drunk driving offense thought of a unique idea when Ontario Provincial Police pulled him over for speeding. "The dog ate my wallet," the clever fellow told cops, according to the Toronto Sun.

Well, if you're a police officer and someone tells you this, what can you do? Ask for an x-ray of the dog's stomach? No, apparently you ask for name and date of birth, and you run it through the system. (The car belonged to the driver's mother, so the license plate didn't send a red alert about the driver.) Driver Michael Macleod, 22, proceeded to give the officer the name and birthdate of someone he knew. Ah, what a good friend! The pal he impersonated received the speeding ticket and complained, and the truth came out.

So Macleod's license has been suspended for another two years. Let's hope he stays out of the driver's seat this time, or at least doesn't try to make his dog seem like an imbecilic iron-stomached glutton again if he gets caught.

(Photo: Nate Christenson Flickr photostream)


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