Dog And Woman Fall Through Ice

 |  Jan 5th 2009  |   9 Contributions

A woman walking her grandson's dog in Plainsboro, NJ drown trying to save him after he fell through the ice. Janet Howard was walking the German Shepherd when he went out on a frozen pond, about 25ft from shore.

The dog fell through the ice and it appears she was attempting to save him when she went through. A man who was passing by tried to save them but also fell through, luckily he was able to get back to shore.

The man called 911, unfortunately by the time help came it was too late to save her. The dog eventually made its way back to shore.

What a brave woman to try and save her grandson's dog. I'm sure she did it without even thinking, like any of us would, but it does serve as a warning. Always call 911 first, this is such a tragedy, especially because it could have been avoided.

* The gorgeous boy above is Cody.


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